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Black Diamond relies solely on donations to obtain and maintain essential life-saving equipment and provide top-tier training for our team members. Our non-profit organization, the Black Diamond Search and Rescue Council, is staffed by highly-trained professionals who are capable of locating missing or lost individuals in various environments, such as rural, wilderness, or disaster zones. Our team comprises Ground Teams, Trackers, Search Management Teams, K9 Wilderness Live Find, and K9 Human Remains Detection Dogs that are prepared to operate in diverse weather conditions and environments, including urban areas, farmlands, wilderness areas, and water.

We are grateful for your attention and would be grateful for your support. Our services are available in Virginia and the surrounding regions, and we are prepared to assist with rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters.

We appreciate your consideration and thank you for your generosity. Donations made to our organization are tax-deductible.

You can mail donations to:
Black Diamond Search & Rescue
Attn: Mac Debusk, Treasurer
P.O Box 22
Marion, VA 24354-0022

Revised Mar 2023