Black Diamond Search and Rescue council

So others may live...

The Black Diamond Search and Rescue Council is a nonprofit organization that provides specially trained professionals to locate and assist lost or missing individuals in wilderness, rural, or disaster environments. Our commitment to service above self is reflected in our emphasis on accredited training, public-safety education, and inter-agency cooperation, which we provide at no cost to the requesting agency or the missing person. Based out of Marion, Virginia (in the southwestern part of the state), our all-volunteer organization deploys a range of expert teams, including ground teams, trackers, search management personnel, technical teams, K9 wilderness live-find teams, K9 human remains detection teams, and K9 water human remains detection teams. These resources are available at the request of law enforcement throughout Virginia and adjacent states, to assist individuals in need and to support post-disaster recovery efforts. As a recognized state resource by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, we have proudly served our community since our establishment in 2002.

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Revised Mar 2023